One of the main reasons why companies move to the cloud has been due to the ability to scale up based on client-requirement and also scale back when that requirement has been met. With the help of AWS autoscaling, developers can not only maintain application performance in a single unified interface but can also maintain those applications at the lowest possible price.

In this post, we would be going over, step by step, on how to create an Auto Scaling Group Using the Command Line Interface

Project Objective

In this project we will demonstrate in detail how to


This week, we would be learning a few basics in python. Python programs are very similar to text files; they can be written with something as simple as a basic text editor.

In this project we will be creating a simple quiz, that asks users a series of short questions, the scanrio im using is a simple set of questions asked to any typical college student. Like many projects, there are often more than one way to achieve this. For example, you may choose to do this on CentOS 7, or RHEL. …

This Project will walk you through how to connect a private instance using a bastion host within a custom Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with both a private instance and private subnets. A VPC is your private cloud on a shared cloud infrastructure that is isolated from other virtual networks.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a service that provides networking functionality to virtual machine instances. VPC is virtualized within AWS cloud and provides networking for cloud-based resources and services that is scalable and flexible.

Teams within an organization often have a range of varying requirements that are unique to their operations…

Infrastructure of AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery

Like many other companies, IT infrastructure is at risk of sudden accidents or natural mishaps that can cause a drastic interruption to the services that are provided by the IT systems. Some of categories of severe interruptions include; Data loss, network downtime, power outages, flooding or fire incidents in the data center. These disasters or interruptions are sometimes inevitable and do cause extreme effects on company’s finances as well as their reputations.

Over the years, many organizations have worked towards business continuity by putting a plan of action to effectively and efficiently respond to disaster and eliminate the risk of…

In the second part of this series, “ SURVIVING THE INFAMOUS CAREER SWITCH TO TECH- How I learned on the job. ” I talked about my journey from a non-tech background (oil and gas industry) to the tech industry (cyber security) and how the journey has been so far. I also talked about the challenges I faced in my initial crossover, the sacrifices I made, the opportunities, the necessities and even useful resources readers can use as a roadmap. In that last part, I gave pointers on how to navigate a new career switch in tech, especially in the cyber…

In the first part of this series titled “How I Transitioned From Being An Oil and Gas Analyst To A Cybersecurity Professional”, I bared my heart to you on how I did the infamous career switch to tech, more specifically, the cybersecurity field. Like I said then, doing a career switch into an industry such as the tech industry where you have no prior bachelor of science degree to back up your field knowledge, surviving this space required a bit of grunt work.

But as you know, where there is a will, there is a way. One of my main…

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THE FIRST STEP IS THE HARDEST- Switching careers in Nigeria is like 007

Many, many people have been in this boat I’m about to row your way in a minute; wondering if they can switch from a non-tech career to a tech career without having to go back to university and take a computer science course. The infamous career switch and how it is awfully similar to skydiving, is one that leaves a lot of people confused and in some cases, scared. If you don’t prepare well, you just might end up free falling to your death but if you…

Moji Oyedele

Oil and Gas analyst tunred Cybersecurity professional

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